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End-to-end legal services based on dedicated solutions and strategies that protect clients’ rights and eliminate risks.

About the Law Firm

The Law Firm provides legal services to individual clients, entrepreneurs and other entities, including local government units, associations, foundations and business environment institutions. Because we care about our clients’ interests, we use the utmost diligence in our work and always follow professional ethics. Therefore, our Law Firm is a professional, reliable and discreet partner.

We help establish and operate effective and profitable businesses on a current basis. We ensure financial liquidity of our clients’ enterprises thanks to preventive measures and effective debt collection. We act on behalf of our clients at courts and various institutions. We actively participate in negotiation processes, carry out research and due diligence analyses, and coordinate enterprises’ sales and purchase processes.

Legal Counsel Jakub Czyczyło

Legal Counsel, Board Chairman of the “Promotion of Entrepreneurship” Association, Member of Supervisory Board of Energetyka Cieplna Opolszczyzny S.A. Graduate of the University of Wrocław (Full-Time Law Studies) and the Opole University of Technology (Supervision/Control and Internal Audit in Economy and Administration). Completed legal counsel training at the District Chamber of Legal Counsels in Opole; is also a member of the Chamber.

Specialises in road traffic accident claims (damages, compensation, life annuity), administrative law, including environment protection law (former employee of the Department of Environmental Protection at the Marshal’s Office of the Opolskie Province) and legal services for enterprises.


Legal Counsel, Mediator Karolina Słomka

Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Opole University. On the list of legal counsels at the District Chamber of Legal Counsels in Opole since 2017. Gained her professional experience working at various laws firms and on a freelance basis.

Her principal professional interests include family law, civil law, and commercial law. Mediates in civil, family, and commercial cases. Fluent in English.

Scope of services

Below is an overview of the services we offer.
Economic and commercial law
Consulting services in respect of establishing sole proprietorships, commercial law companies and civil law partnerships; registration of commercial law companies in the National Court Register (KRS); drafting of memoranda and articles of association; preparation and review of standing orders of companies’ governing bodies; drafting of documents related to registration of changes in the National Court Register; ongoing legal services for companies and individual shareholders in the exercise of corporate rights; preparation of documents related to shareholders’ meetings; participation in meetings of companies’ governing bodies; provision of legal services to Management Boards and Supervisory Boards; carrying out negotiations; consulting services in respect of transformation and division of companies and their liquidation; representation in bankruptcy proceedings.
Debt collection
Negotiations with debtors; preparation of demands for payment, draft settlement agreements and understandings on terms and conditions of debt repayment; supervision of performance of settlement agreements made with debtors; preparation of lawsuits; representation in court and enforcement proceedings.
Civil law
Preparation of draft agreements; review of agreements; pursuing claims for non-performance or improper performance of agreements; seeking damages and financial compensation for the harm suffered (bodily injury or health disorder, death of a closest relative, malpractice, traffic accidents); handling cases in respect of property protection and other property rights, and claims for damages due to non-contractual use of property; establishment of easement; declaration of acquisitive prescription; abolition of joint ownership; protection of personal rights.
Inheritance law
Declaration of inheritance acquisition; determination of will invalidity; inheritance division; pursuing legitimate portion claims.
Administrative law
Provision of advice and services to local government units; provision of advice to and representation before public administration authorities and in judicial and administrative proceedings in the field of construction law (building permits, zoning approval decisions, validation of land use violations), property management law (improvement fee, planning fee, segregation of property), administrative economic law (concessions, permits), environment protection law; preparation of applications, appeals and complaints against decisions of public administration authorities.
Family and guardianship law
Cases involving divorce, annulment of marriage, separation, adoption, exercise of parental authority, abolition of joint property of spouses and division of joint property of spouses, child support, denial of paternity and invalidation of acknowledgement of a child, and incapacitation.
Labour and national insurance law
Drafting and review of agreements (employment contracts, management contracts, civil law contracts, non-competition agreements), collective labour law instruments (collective bargaining agreements, work regulations, remuneration regulations, company social benefits fund); provision of advice on redundancies; representation of employees and employers before courts (recovery of employment receivables, claims for unlawful termination of employment contracts, damages for accidents at work and occupational diseases); cases involving national insurance (old-age pension, disability pension, benefits).
Public procurements
Preparation of public procurement regulations; preparation and review of documents related to proceedings in public procurement cases, including EU-funded; representation before the National Chamber of Appeal.


Financial conditions for the provision of legal services are determined in agreements, and take into account the type and nature of provided services as well as the scope and load of lawyers’ work. In the case of regular collaboration, we charge a fixed fee or an hourly rate. Need to know more? We will be happy to provide more information at: +48 509 784 063


The legal assistance to effectively pursue claims of our clients who have been injured in traffic accidents is one of the leading services provided by our Law Firm. Thanks to our experience, implementation of the highest standards, and long-term collaboration with doctors, physiotherapists and appraisers, we provide end-to-end services at every stage of proceedings, up to and including a final and absolute court judgement.
Claim adjustment is preceded by examination of the validity and amount of claims (including the analysis of collected documents and medical consultations). This enables us to determine whether or not, from whom, under what basis and in what amount can we seek the following for our clients:
  • damages,
  • financial compensation for the harm suffered,
  • allowance for total or partial inability to work, increased needs, or reduction of prospects of success in the future,
  • temporary allowance,
  • reimbursement of costs, including costs of treatment, rehabilitation and purchase of medications,
  • bereavement allowance,
  • relevant damages in the case of significant deterioration of life situation of the relatives closest to the deceased,
  • financial compensation for the harm suffered due to the death of the closest relative.
Legal Counsels represent our clients in preparatory proceedings as well as in criminal trials as representatives of subsidiary prosecutors. Legal assistance provided to victims is often necessary at this stage in order to identify the entity obliged to repair the damage, and to determine the basis of its liability. The above-mentioned steps enable us to effective report damage and commence the claim adjustment process at the amicable stage of proceedings when letters are exchanged with the obliged entity (most often, an insurance company), evidence is provided and negotiations are carried out. Depending on the content of the final decision of the obliged entity, our lawyers prepare a demand for payment, ultimately specifying the type and amount of claims and forming the basis to instigate court proceedings.

Experience has taught us that, in 85% of cases, it is necessary to instigate court proceedings against an insurance company in order to obtain a satisfactory amount of benefits. When preparing a lawsuit and attending a trial, we always need to monitor the basis that affects the validity of the claim. On behalf of our clients, we prepare effective motions for exemption from court costs, enabling to avoid or significantly reduce expenses (filing fee). When representing our clients at court, we strive to wrap up the trial as quickly and effectively as possible, and to obtain benefits for our clients in satisfying amounts.

Due to our flexible pricing policy, we offer very favourable terms of collaboration.


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